Safety and Emergency Training

SAFETY & Emergency Procedures (SEP)

Initial/Recurrent Safety & Emergency Procedures for Pilot and Cabin Crew. Our program Includes multiple SEP modules such as Equipment, SOPs, Decompression and Hypoxia, Fire and Smoke, Evacuations, Pilot Incapacitation, Emergency Briefings, Ditching and Survival.
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Safety and emergency procedure training for crews

We offer your crews both initial and aircraft-type-specific courses as well as Operator Conversion and Recurrent Training courses according to Regulation. Our Emergency Procedure Training course can also be designed and individually tailored to your airline.
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Door Training Airbus & Boeing

TFT Training capabilities, In Bangkok includes Airbus A300-600, A320, A330, A380, Boeing 737, 747, 777, 787, and Real Fire Trainer
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CABIN Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET)

Training Content includes Decompression, Turbulence, Fire Fighting in the cabin, Prepared emergency landing or ditching, Unprepared emergency landing or ditching,         Brace position and evacuation from the aircraft
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Wet Drill Training

On this course the participants will get theoretical knowledge about hypothermia, cold shock response, group formation in the water, raft entrance and rescue of a disabled passenger in the water.
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Fire and Smoke Drill

Participants will also experience the effects of smoke in an enclosed area such as Lavatory, overhead bin, oven, under seat etc. and actual use of breathing equipment in a simulated smoke-filled environment. 
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First aid courses and training

Learn about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and how to respond to choking. Complete this course and apply for certification to gain international accreditation of your new life-saving skills.
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CPR training courses First Aid for Injuries and Illness

We provides multiple courses such as first aid, medical problem, traumatic injuries, and choking treatment.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at LINE and Facebook @thaiflighttraining
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